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About Our Organization

Our Mission:

Here at the New York State Veteran Chamber of Commerce, it is our duty to fix alarming everyday issues that veterans face. We secure resources for our veterans so that they may succeed in society with an equal oppurtunity that every American deserves. We seek to help veterans of ALL backgrounds. It doesn’t matter if they've served for 1 day or 10 years, we treat all of our veterans equally because they deserve to be treated with RESPECT!

We are a Chamber that supports and provides services and outlets to our nation’s veterans! We provide Job Training, Job Referral, and Mentoring to veterans of all ages. We'll make sure that once they're home, there's absolutely no trouble getting back on their feet. 

Who We Are:

The New York State Veteran Chamber of Commerce is a 501C3 tax-exempt non-for-profit organization, launched in November 2013 within the heart of Manhattan. NYS Veteran Chamber of Commerce is a membership-based veteran-friendly company. Giovanni Taveras serves as the Founder/ Director of the NYS Veteran Chamber of Commerce. Giovanni, along with his two colleagues: Ann Marie and Tony Mele, who is the Founder/ President of AMI Global Security, and is an international Security Consultant; make up this prestigious chamber. The NYS Veterans Chamber can be described in two simple ways: it provides business development to veterans, and connects veterans in related companies and corporations. This chamber directly serves as a bridge to aid veterans who want to venture into the business world.


The NYS Veteran Chamber of Commerce is here to help ALL veterans from all wars. This chamber is not restricted to just the post 9/11 era. As long as you served a day in the military, YOU ARE a veteran. This chamber is open to everyone; all ages. Furthermore, this chamber focuses more specifically on veteran entrepreneurs, and provides them with referrals and resources.


We understand that a veteran returning to civilian life may be presented with a number of challenges. Many veterans' obligations parallel those of civilians, such as unemployment, that's why the NYS Veteran Chamber of Commerce is committed to serving and creating opportunities for those who have already has served for US!

Photographed at the 2013 NYC Veteran's Parade

Photographed at the 2013 NYC Veteran's Parade

New York State Veteran Chamber of Commerce